Vice Chancellor’s Scholarship 2022/23


The University is delighted to be able to offer the Vice Chancellor’s Scholarship for excellent achievement to students joining in September 2020.

The Vice Chancellor’s Scholarship is available to full-time UK/EU undergraduate students commencing a three-year course, who have achieved 128 UCAS points or more in qualifications completed in Summer 2020. The award will be paid directly to any successful student UniAsItShouldBe account, allowing them to use the funds to purchase course-related materials to help them succeed in their program. This award is not subject to household income assessment.


The award is worth £850 and will be paid in the first academic year of the course, upon completion of enrolment at the University.


In order to qualify for the Scholarship students must meet the following criteria:

  • Students must be commencing a full-time three-year undergraduate program starting September 2020. Students starting a four-year degree with a foundation year or a foundation degree or HND are not eligible for the award.
  • The award is only available for courses based at the University of Bolton. Students studying with off-campus partners are not eligible.
  • Students must have attained a minimum of 128 UCAS points from qualifications completed in the academic year 2019/20. Qualifications completed in previous years will not be included in the 128 UCAS points required to meet the eligibility requirements.
  • Any qualifications gained by a student must be recognized on the UCAS tariff. Any qualifications not available on the UCAS tariff will not be included and will not contribute to the total UCAS points needed.
  • This award will be automatically assessed during the confirmation process in August 2020 when the University receives your assessment results from UCAS or sent directly to us. This means that no application form is required as your UCAS application will contain the details required to assess your eligibility.
  • This award will not affect your eligibility for any other awards offered at the University of Bolton.
  • To be eligible for this award you must be paying full tuition fees either through self-funding, Student Finance, third-party sponsorship, or a combination of these options.
  • Students undertaking apprenticeship courses will not be eligible to receive this award.

Payment Of The Scholarship

The Scholarship will be paid as a lump sum of £850 into your UniAsItShouldBe account. Upon registration and enrolment, you will be able to collect your UniAsItShouldBe card, which will then have the funds added to it. These funds can be used on the UniAsItShouldBe website to purchase items to help you excel at the University of Bolton.

For the latest information please contact:

Mr. Jonathan Stackhouse Mrs. Carol Gray
Student Funding Advisor Bursaries and Scholarships Advisor
University of Bolton University of Bolton
Deane Road Deane Road
Bolton Bolton
Tel: 01204 903497 Tel: 01204 903499