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The Amazing Travel Guide and Attractions to the City of Cardiff


The city of Cardiff is the town of Glamorgan. It was a small city until the 19th century, but its importance as an important port for the transportation of coal and the arrival of the industry makes it a big city. It became a city in 1905 and became the capital of Wales in 1955. The city is administered by the City and County Council of Cardiff with its base at County Hall in Cardiff Bay.

75 councilors are elected by voters every four years, and the next elections will be in 2012. No political party has won a majority in Cardiff County Council since the 2004 elections. Today, it is Wales’ financial and business services center, with public services, education, and healthcare accounting for about 75% of economic growth. It was recently ranked seventh in the top 50 European cities in the FDI 2008 Cities of the Future list, published by the FDI magazine, and also ranked seventh in terms of attracting foreign investment. The city was awarded the European Sports City in 2009 for its role in hosting many high profile sports events at the local, national and international levels.

Recreation It has a strong nightlife and is known as the home of many bars, pubs, and clubs. Many clubs and bars can be found in the city center. It is also known for its parks and other green spaces that cover almost 10% of the urban area. It is one of the top ten shopping destinations in the UK with three major shopping arcades and two shopping streets on Queen Street and St Mary Street.

Attractions There are a number of tourist attractions in and around the city. Sightseeing is a feast for the eyes, with beautiful public buildings and the historic castle and architecture. The National Museum is one of the most beautiful galleries. The world’s best open-air museum St Fagans National History Museum is located just outside the city, there are a number of buildings that are part of the museum and taken from different parts of the city of Wales.

Accommodation Tourists looking for a five-star hotel, guest house or a room on a budget, the city has a lot of choices, and almost all hotels and bread and breakfasts are within walking distance of the market, train station, and tourist attractions. If you’re looking for a two-week stay with family or a short vacation with someone, everything is there in the city.

Reach Cardiff

Airport Air – Cardiff is the only international airport in Wales that offers both international and domestic air connections to South and West Wales. The airport is located 16 km west of the city.

Rail – The city’s main train station is the largest and also one of the busiest train stations in Wales with seven platforms. It offers a direct train connection to some of the major destinations such as London, Bristol, Birmingham, Manchester, Nottingham, Portsmouth, Newcastle, Edinburgh, and Glasgow.

Bus – Bus network offers frequent discounted services to London, Newcastle, Birmingham, Manchester, and Leeds. There is also a free shuttle bus every 10 minutes that connects all of the city’s major destinations.