Are you looking for the top ten sales jobs in Kentucky? Then you’ve come to the right place. In this article, we’ll give you a list of the best sales jobs in Kentucky.

Kentucky is located in the eastern central part of the United States. In 2006, this state produced approximately $ 146 billion for the country, which was the 27th highest in the country. The state is known for its machinery, transportation equipment, electrical equipment, chemicals, tourism, coal, food processing, and tobacco products.

The country’s most productive coal mines are located in the coalfields of eastern Kentucky. The state also has a good industry of truck and car assembly. Many cars such as the Chevrolet Corvette and the Cadillac XLR are also assembled in this condition.

There is also a good scope of sales jobs in Kentucky. Here is a list.

Advertising sales

If you are looking for sales work in Kentucky, you can try out advertising sales jobs in London, Louisville, and Bowling Green.

Automotive sales

As I said, this is a growing area in the state. Places like Louisville and Lexington have companies that can provide you with jobs in this arena.

Food/drink sales

Kentucky has one of the largest food processing industries. The state also has agricultural production of corn, soybeans, pigs, dairy products, horses, livestock, and tobacco. This has created a good market for the sale of these products. You can get jobs as sales staff, even in supermarkets that sell these products.

Computer sales

This is a very popular sales work in Kentucky. As a self-employed retailer, you can look for computer sales opportunities in areas such as Bowling Green, London, Lexington, and Louisville.

Engineering Sales

To do this type of sales job in Kentucky, you must have an engineering degree. This type of work requires you to tailor devices to the needs of the customer. You can look for technical sales positions in London, Lexington, Louisville, and Bowling Green.

Financial sales

This type of job can give you the position of a national sales executive or financial advisor. You also get a good commission. The base salary for this type of job starts around $ 60,000 in this state. If you like insurance and financial arrangements then this is your chance to get a job like this.

Healthcare sales

Many healthcare companies have opened branches in Kentucky. This has provided opportunities for sale in Kentucky in these areas. Praxair and Benefit Copilot are some of the main employers in this field.

Industrial sales

If you are looking for industrial sales jobs in the state, you might just become the General Sales Manager. There is a shortage of sales managers in this area and companies have recently launched a huge hiring program to meet this demand.

Internet sales

This type of work is very useful because you can do it directly from home. Office work is also available. If you want to make money in a very short time and still don’t have to leave your state, you can always look for internet sales in places like London, Louisville, and Lexington.

Printing sales

If you love the world of printing, you can also engage in printing sales orders in Kentucky.

So what are you waiting for? Kentucky sales jobs have boomed after the recession, so buy one today!