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Top 10 Tips to Find a Good Job in Brighton


So you want a change and you are looking for a new job, but where do you start? You know that roles don’t come to you, but how do you strategically approach your job search? Follow these tips and you may soon find the right role:

1. Consider carefully. What exactly do you want to do? Do you want to have a related position for the position you have been in or is there something you have always wanted to do? Concentrate on what you really want to avoid wasting time requesting roles you don’t really want.

2. Update your CV. Your resume is essential when it comes to job search. You’ll be judged on your resume right away, so make sure it’s up to date, well presented, and the perfect impression. Ask friends or family to read it through for you and give them their impression of you.

3. The job search is from 9 to 5. If you are unlucky enough to be out of work, look at your job search in itself. You have to be willing to hunt, apply and talk to those in Brighton all day who can help you. Unfortunately, looking for work can be a time-consuming activity and the more time you can spend on it, the more likely you are to get a good result.

4. Ask your friends. Remember that your friends and family can be a useful job search tool. Ask around and see if anyone has any suggestions for you. Maybe there is a job where they work that suits you. You can’t know unless you ask!

5. Target Brighton organizations. If there is a particular industry you would like to work in, research the local organizations that may need someone like you. Some personal experience for you: When looking for a job, I decided I wanted to try a broker, so I compiled a list of all agencies in Brighton and left my resume. Out of the 14 resumes I submitted, I received 3 interviews and 2 jobs, none of which were advertising features at the time! This strategy can work for you too, so take it on the phone, in the car, or take a walk. No one will object to you leaving a resume and can respect the fact that you joined them. They will also remember you more quickly when it comes to choosing candidates for an interview.

6. Visit Brighton Job Center. The Brighton Job Center is there to help you, so take advantage of it. Go in and talk to one of their advisers who should be able to help with aspects like your resume and you can also check their job board to see what’s available.

7. Visit Brighton recruitment offices. Brighton has many recruitment agencies, so make use of it. Remember, they charge their customers, not you, so they’re a free way to send your resume to organizations. They can also advise you on your resume, interview techniques, and other recruitment-related matters. They may also be aware of new jobs, so you will have the opportunity to apply for a job first.

8. Check The Brighton Argus. These papers show employment in Brighton and can, therefore, be very helpful in your job search. Major Brighton organizations and the Brighton & Hove / East Sussex County City Council, in particular, advertise their jobs at The Brighton Argus, so be sure to check them every week and receive your application promptly.

9. Check job boards. Special job boards in Brighton, such as jobs in Brighton, maybe more useful when looking for a job opening in Brighton than popular major sites like Monster. You are more likely to find a smaller local employer who advertises on a local job board (which is usually much cheaper) than a multinational.

10. Don’t give up! After all, don’t despair! There are many vacancies and it is often only a matter of time. You may have to think about retraining, but there are many options and help available if you know where to look.

Good luck with your job search