Why do people choose to study further in London? What is so charming about this city that it is on the list of almost every student today? A recent survey showed a rise in the number of international students from different countries choosing UK colleges and universities.

• China 50,755
• India 19,205
• Greece 17,675
• Ireland 16,790
• US 14,755
• Germany 13,265
• France 12,455
• Malaysia 11,450
• Nigeria 9,605
Hong Kong 9,445

Here are the top 10 reasons students prefer to study in London

• London is a dynamic city with different cultures. You get an experience of a lifetime to mingle in such a diverse cultural environment.
• There are more than 108 world-renowned organizations in London that automatically increase your chances of a respectable job.
• The London-based university or college that you become a member of must-have certain links with local businesses and industries, and should, therefore, offer you a decent job opportunity.
• As you can see in the graph above, students of almost all nationalities visit London for further studies. This gives you a golden opportunity to learn and understand about different cultures of the world.
• After completing your course, you can live here permanently if you wish and settle in a beautiful suburb.
• One can apply for an extension of his visa after completing his course for 2 years, i.e. Post Study Work Visa program.
• London is home to an abundance of industries from a variety of sectors such as IT, sports, business, finance, entertainment, hospitality, etc. so that a student can strive to easily follow their desired career path in London.
• As the number of students in London increases with the past year, there are several benefits and discounts available through London. You can get a discount on shopping, buying books, cars, restaurants, etc.
• London is a pleasure to visit. You get so many options to explore and devour this historic city in places like the world-famous Big Ben Clock Tower, London Bridge, Green Park and of course Buckingham Palace.
• Universities such as Oxford, Cambridge, London School of Economics, College Of Technology London and many other well-known names are present in London or near it. The city’s extremely good transportation system helps you study any place you want!

Now you know for sure why students prefer to study in London, UK!