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Top 10 Ideas for a Amazing Family Trip through the Beautiful City of Moscow


In the Moscow metropolis, it is important that you have a well-planned itinerary to start and end your visit. There are so many attractions in the city that you may miss some attractions during your short visit. Here are ten ideas for a fruitful family trip through this beautiful city.

1. Visit music concerts and art exhibitions

Every month many concerts and shows in the city of Moscow will surprise enthusiastic art lovers. Catch the best musicians and artists in the country at the Tchaikovsky Conservatory in Moscow.

2. ZIL Cultural Center

This huge venue has its own range of cultural shows with music and dance performances featuring famous celebrity artists showing their talent.

3. Food and Drink

There are many affordable tours of Moscow locals to take you around the city to discover treats and drinks while enjoying the best attractions here. Discover Russian specialties such as Stroganoff, Binny, Caviar and Chicken Kev. With the family, enjoy tempting desserts such as Kissel and Paskha and drinks.

4. Use the best private tours

choose the best Moscow tours with private guides to explore your family’s sights. From the Cathedral of Christ the Savior to the Seven Sisters, there are many places to visit outside of the main attractions. Discover the best group tours available for the best packages.

5. Historical places to visit in Moscow

You can see all the eras of the country in monuments such as the linen grave, the Kremlin tower, St. Basil’s Cathedral, Kuskovo, and the Fallen Mountain park. All these monuments are beautiful and enchanting with an architectural grandeur like no other part of the world.

6. Gorky Park and Gorky House Museum

Architectural marvels to visit with the family.

7. Places of Natural Beauty

Moscow is full of parks and gardens such as Sparrow Hills and Kolomenskoye Park. Located on the banks of the Moskva River, Sparrow Hills offers breathtaking views of the natural paradise, in contrast to the bustling city life.

8. City Gardens

Alexander’s Garden is the city garden with historical monuments and rare architectural sights that cover a large area. The Neskuchney Garden is another beautiful place that is an extension of Gorky Park in the middle of the city.

9. Visit the best amusement parks and gardens

If you are traveling with the family, it is best to visit the children and the amusement parks and gardens. Moscow offers incredible and beautiful water parks and amusement parks, namely Aquapark Karbiya, Sky Town, Moreno, etc.

10. National Parks

Ostrov National Park and Elk Island National Park are the best places to relax and spend time in nature with your family. There is a wide variety of animals and birds that are exclusive to this part of the world.