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Tips for Finding a Job at the National Audit Office & Other Auditor Jobs


If you are looking for a career in auditing, you must first be aware of the admission requirements for a position at the NAO. The annual audit recruitment focuses on recruiting new interns who are qualified to hold a position in a major government agency.

– You must – or expect to achieve – a minimum of 2: 1 degree in any discipline.
– A level or higher worth at least 24 UCAS points, or (or awards in BTEC, SCOTVEC, HNC / HND
– GCSE / O’level succeeds in English language and mathematics
– You must have British nationality.

Second, keep an eye on the NAO website for any specialties or special audit recruitments that may apply to you. At the time of writing, the NAO was recruiting interns for an office extension in Newcastle. If you notice that you want to work on your application in Newcastle, you may get a head start on a plum position.

Part of the audit recruitment process is to answer a series of questions about your previous experience. Your answers to these questions will play a large role in determining whether you will be invited to an interview and assessment. You are asked to give examples of experiences that you have had to demonstrate that you have the skills and competences that the NAO is looking for. Your application will be rated more favorably if you can provide a wide range of experiences rather than taking all your samples from one experience.

When presenting the examples in your NAO audit recruiting application, you should use clear, understandable language rather than technical jargon. Briefly explain your examples in a way you would for a layman. The first appraisers of the applications will reject any application that they cannot understand clearly.

Once you have registered, you will hear from the NAO, but be patient. It may take some time, but the agency says they eventually respond to anyone who signs up. If you have not been invited to an Interview or the Assessment Center, you can re-register during the next audit recruitment campaign.

If you are invited to an Interview or Assessment Center, reasonable travel and accommodation expenses – if necessary – will be reimbursed. The interviews and reviews take place in London, so if you know you need an overnight stay, the NAO suggests checking with them first to make sure your costs are covered. They also ask you to notify them in writing in advance if you need to arrange special accommodations to attend an interview or take tests. The NAO will use reasonable efforts to ensure that the interviews and tests are accessible to all qualified candidates.

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