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Ten Ways by which you can Acquire a Good Job


Have the right attitude

If you want to take a job seriously, you have to put in time and effort. Sending one resume a week and browsing job boards while Eastenders is on just won’t make it. Think of getting a job as your current job and ask yourself at the end of the day if you’ve really done everything in your power to achieve your goals.

Go to a job site

There are some great job boards that potential employers actually use. One of our personal favorites is Jobfact because it is anonymous which means you can post your entire resume there and no one will know (not even your current boss if you have one!). In addition, you will receive £ 100 if you refer a friend for a job and they get it!

Get help with your resume

The greatest writer in the world probably still needs guidance on their resume, so don’t be ashamed to ask for help. Google “Write a CV” or “Examples of a good CV” and you should be spoiled for choice, with plenty of different websites showing examples of good and bad CV styles. The BBC website also provides excellent tips for writing a great CV, as does the Directgov website under Employment, then Jobseekers, then Job Application Help.

Write a cover letter

We cannot emphasize the importance of a good cover letter. As annoying as it sounds, makes sure to tailor them to each job you are applying for. The employer should know why you are good for this particular role, not the previous ten you requested. As with the resume, type “cover letter” into Google and there should be lots of good examples. But ignore the American sites, as they sometimes take a different approach than most British companies.

Get the name of the person you need to write directly. We know it sounds a bit fussy, but it really makes all the difference. It is more personal and makes you look more professional. Even if you need to call the company ahead of time to get a name, make sure you do this. But spell their name correctly or risk throwing your letter in the trash!

Work while you wait

If you’re struggling to find your dream job, you may feel a little demoralized (and you are skin color too!). Address both issues by taking on a part-time job, such as babysitting or dog walking. The Gumtree website has a brilliant part-time / evening/weekend section on its site.

Learn some extra skills (for free!)

You might think that learning new skills while out of work is a luxury you can’t afford. Who has time to learn French when looking for a job? Don’t think so as there are many free courses you can take online. The BBC site offers great language courses, while Money Magpie has a wealth of information on free online courses. By learning new skills, potential employers show that you are an intelligent, conscientious person eager to improve themselves. Don’t underestimate the value as it can mean the difference between a job interview and be forgotten.


Volunteering may not seem all that appealing when you’re desperate for money, but it can be a great way to fulfill your dream job. In many cases, it is even the only way to get into certain industries, so don’t be too quick. There are plenty of places that scream for volunteers, and you can learn valuable skills while meeting and networking new people. Museums, schools, and charities are just a few of the places you can turn to, but be prepared to have a resume and cover letter because you still have to show that you take the role seriously.

Dress to impress

You don’t need Victoria Beckham’s wardrobe to make a good first impression, but you do have to look smart and neat when you go on a job interview. The first impression is everything and if you turn up as if you were dragged backward through a hedge, chances are you won’t land the track!

Be positive in case of rejection. It’s hard to stay positive if the rejection letters keep coming, but it’s so important that you do. Even the most successful people would have been rejected at some point, so take it on the chin and keep going.