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Studying in Sweden: the process towards a new life


SFI stands for “Svenska För Invandrare” or Swedish for Immigrants, a course offered by the Swedish government for immigrants who wish to study the Swedish language.

Native language

As an immigrant, I find it difficult to communicate with some Swedes using simple English. That is why it is really important to learn your native language, especially if you plan to live and work in Sweden.

There are some private schools for adult immigrants and one example is Folkuniversitetet in Stockholm. The teachers are well trained and the educational system is very efficient. But of course, it is not free. I also studied there for three months, but when I got my residence permit I applied to SFI. Not only because education is free, but the school is just steps from my house.

In this course, I consider myself a beginner, since I am at the level of absorbing the basic terms of your language. In my opinion, the Swedish language seems to be very complicated and quite confusing, especially when it comes to learning the logic behind the rules.

With this, I strive to be competent, both in oral and written communication in Swedish. I am currently enrolled in the SFI course where I only have 2 lessons per week. I chose the night class so that I could take care of my four-month-old baby during the days. And while I am at school, my husband takes care of our baby. Setting up time management and following these routines works well for my husband and me.

In my case, it will take longer to complete a course. While there are ways to speed up study time, I prefer to wait a year or two, as long as I can drop my daughter off at “dagis” or at daycare.

Studying in Sweden

Nonetheless, studying in Sweden is a vital task on my “to-do list”. Although I got a bachelor’s degree in the Philippines, I have yet to have a higher education here in Sweden.

I know there will always be challenges, moments of fatigue, and negative factors that could bring me down, but I still hope to take my Swedish studies to a higher level, simply because they will take me further down the road. society.