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Qatar Cost of Living – Accommodation,Grocery store,Utilities,Clothing and Healthcare


Many ex-pats assigned to Qatar or retirees wishing to live in Qatar after retirement asks about living costs in Qatar. Is Qatar too expensive? Or is it exactly the same as other North American or European countries?

The cost of living in Qatar for you and your family will largely depend on the lifestyle you are used to. In particular, in Doha, the cost of living index is relatively high, ranking at 49 out of 300 companies in terms of expensive living. Let’s take a look at the cost of basic needs in Qatar so you can estimate whether life in Qatar is expensive or not.

1. Accommodation

Expatriates in Qatar usually rent apartments, villas or condos. Most apartments are unfurnished but also furnished. In most accommodations, amenities such as swimming pools, gyms and children’s play areas are readily available and users will be charged as part of the unit’s monthly rent payment.

A furnished studio or a single bedroom costs about 5,000 QAR to rent, which is about 1,370 USD. However, renting a 4 bedroom villa can cost up to 20,000 QAR if it’s in an ex-pat compound

2. Grocery store

The cost of food, non-alcoholic drinks, and other household items needed to make everyday life possible is relatively expensive compared to other countries. This is especially true if you ultimately want to buy internationally known food brands.

For a family of two, reserve approximately 1,800 QAR or approximately 490 USD for these costs.

3. Utilities

The good thing about Qatar is that basic services such as water, electricity, gas, and telephone lines are subsidized by the government. So these specific costs will be a lot cheaper compared to other countries. But if you live in Qatar, given the high temperatures, you will use your air conditioning, especially in the summer months.

For a two-person family, utilities as a whole cost about 1,100 QAR, about 300 USD. This low price offsets the cost of living in Qatar a bit.

4. Clothing

Even if clothing is a little expensive in Qatar, Qatar’s living conditions will not require you to put too much clothing on you, given the hot temperature in the country.

For a family of two, clothes cost approximately 1,100 QAR for both people, approximately USD 300.

5. Healthcare

If you are an ex-pat, this particular item will not be a problem for you as it must be covered by your employer for you and your spouse. However, if this is not reimbursed monthly, you must call in a health insurer yourself.

For a two-person family, health care costs about 1,300 QAR for both people, about 360 USD on a monthly basis. This is an obvious item to cover for you and your family.

Overall, the cost of living in Qatar isn’t all that different in most progressive countries.