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Norway One of the Richest Countries in the World- Checkout (5) Remarkable Reasons to Visit Norway


Norway is one of the richest countries in the world, not only in terms of financial wealth – with the second highest GDP per capita just after Luxembourg – but also in a wealth of natural wonders. Norway is indeed blessed with astonishing natural beauty, which lists all the reasons to visit Norway. Still, here are the top five reasons in detail.

The land of the midnight sun

It is not for nothing that Norway is called the land of the midnight sun – it is one of the few places on earth where you can see the sun continuously for 24 hours during the summer months. Visit Norway from April to July or even the end of August and enjoy some activities that you can’t do anywhere else at midnight like golf, hiking, and fishing – all in the light of the midnight sun.

Arctic Adventures

Due to its location, Norway is also a great place for Arctic Adventures. Enjoy the magical white plains of Northern Norway on a sleigh pulled by a pack of dogs or a reindeer herd. Catch a glimpse of the beautiful sperm whales off the coast of Vesteralen or swim amid killer whales. You can also take your chance to bring in the largest Arctic cod, or the largest red king crab, which can grow up to six feet long.

You can also just sit still by fire and wait patiently for the Aurora Borealis or Northern Lights to appear. These lights, which are a combination of green, purple, and red hues, are most easily seen in places where there is little moonlight in the months of October, February, and March. They are also considered to be the oldest and greatest shows on Earth, appearing each time in different shapes and forms and inspiring legends alive to this day that you are sure to hear when passing by a Sami village in Karasjok.

The famous fjords of Norway

Norway is also known for its fjords – U-shaped valleys filled with seawater that formed when the glaciers melted after the Ice Age. In fact, it has more fjords than any other country in the world. Most of these fjords are found in western Norway, and some have even been designated World Heritage Sites, such as the Geirangerfjord and Naeroyfjord. The Sognefjord is the longest in the country and stretches for over a hundred miles. It is also the second-longest fjord in the world.

Aside from fjords, there are also many parks with scenic hiking trails and camping areas that you can go to when you visit Norway. There are also opportunities to climb and walk on glaciers, such as Austfonna, the largest in Europe, as well as many beautiful waterfalls to admire, such as the Voringsfossen. A trip to the Vega Islands is also recommended, especially for those who want to be surrounded by different species of rare birds, dramatic scenery and breathtaking views.

To ski

With six months of winter, great slopes and loads of snow, it’s no wonder many visit Norway to ski. Here there are opportunities for all types of skiing, including downhill skiing, cross country skiing, and even telemark skiing. You can also go snowboarding and snowkiting. Popular ski resorts in Norway include Hemsedal, with nearly fifty slopes, Oppdal, which is perfect for advanced skiers, Norefjell, just a short drive from Oslo and Trysil, the largest in the country.

The land of the Vikings

One of the most prosperous eras in Norway’s history is the Viking Age. While the country has clearly come a long way as a kingdom of the Vikings, who were excellent traders and feared pirates, you can still learn about the Norwegian traditions when you visit Norway and learn about the Vikings in museums such as the Viking Ship Museum in Oslo and the Lofotr Museum, where you can see a reconstructed Viking Chief’s farm – the only one still in existence – and authentic Viking costumes.