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Living, Working and Investing in Mauritius, easy way to get a residence permit and work on this beautiful island


The period of issuance of work permit is three years. If you are an investor, self-employed or contract worker, BOI (Board of Investment) requires that you have a fixed income in your account. If you meet the selection criteria set by the BOI, you will easily obtain a residence permit and work on this beautiful island in the Indian Ocean.

Requirements for obtaining a work permit

Foreigners applying for an investor license must have a reasonably structured activity plan, and the total turnover of the activity should exceed 3 million rupees or 75,000 euros per year. The focus here is the total bill, which is the total income before any expenses (such as salaries paid to employees, electricity bills, etc.) are deducted.

Regarding foreign contracts, the requirements are relatively simple. Applicants must prove that their monthly salary guarantee exceeds 30,000 rupees, equivalent to 750 Euros. In this case, the employer is responsible for processing recruitment applications.

Finally, as a self-employed person who applies for a license, he must receive no less than six hundred thousand rupees (15,000 euros) in income each year. In this case, the work permit is valid for three years and the permit holder must have a total of 1.8 million rupees. The applicant can change the required amount with different annual income for three years. For example, the applicant’s turnover may be 800,000 rupees in the first year, 600,000 rupees in the second year, and 400,000 rupees last year.

The process of obtaining work and residence permits.

Any applicant for a work and residence permit in Mauritius must apply to the BOI, which will then forward it to the Passport and Immigration Department. BOI acts as an intermediary between the permit applicant and the immigration office. The procedure is very simple: the permit applicant must register on the BOI and obtain a certificate of registration. Please note that the registration is carried out simultaneously with the permission request.

In addition, foreigners applying for work permits must undergo a comprehensive medical examination, including blood tests for syphilis, hepatitis B and HIV, as well as urinalysis and chest X-rays. The medical examination can be performed by a physician accredited by the Mauritius Medical Association in one of several public hospitals. For your reference, if you check in a private clinic, the result will be faster.

Foreigners must show a birth certificate and a moral certificate not exceeding three months. You must also pay a deposit of 50,000 rupees, approximately 1,250 euros, to the Mauritius government. If the person leaves the country in a hurry, these funds will help repay debts or provide funds for relocation if necessary. The deposit will be returned to the applicant after they complete their residence permit in Mauritius.

Once these procedures are completed, and if there is no objection between the passport office and the immigration, the immigrant will obtain his work permit within three days.