Jobs in UAE

Jobs in Dubai – Finding Employment in the United Arab Emirate


Dubai has grown from a sleepy fishing village of around 6,000 people to a modern and dynamic metropolis and has completely transformed in 40 to 50 years. Although he initially received a big boost from the petrodollar, Dubai realized that he couldn’t depend on this income forever. This testifies to the fact that today, oil revenues represent around 3 to 5% of the total. The first boom occurred when oil was discovered in the United Arab Emirates. Infrastructure related to oil drilling, oil exploration and transportation has been created across the country, including Dubai. Skilled and unskilled labour was required for this. Since the UAE itself had none, it opened its doors to workers around the world. Workers in different countries of the world have benefited. Not only did they pay more than their country of origin, but in some cases, the exchange value between currencies was a major motivator. This helped develop the UAE economy and everyone, including the Emiratis, flourished.

Monetary liquidity has created a demand for all kinds of goods and services imported here for distribution. To take advantage of this boom, many entrepreneurs are setting up businesses around the world here. To start a business in the UAE, you need an Emirati as a partner. This influx has increased demand for more products and services such as education, health care, housing, food, etc. The government has ensured that all of the products and services offered here meet strict quality standards. To take advantage of this boom now, companies from all over the world have settled here. This made sense, as the increased competition resulted in lower margins, which were offset by bulk sales. It was a turning point in the gold rush for vacancies in Dubai.

Large, large-scale projects have been announced in offices, residential and commercial spaces because entire townships have been created such as the Dubai International Finance Center, Dubai Internet City, Dubai Media City, Dubai Sports City, Dubai Healthcare City, etc. The number of schools, colleges, hospitals and nursing homes has also gone crazy to cater to populations not only of Dubai or the United Arab Emirates but of the entire Middle East and Africa region. North (MENA). They now also attract nationals from countries of the former Soviet Union.

The 2008 global financial crisis hit the United Arab Emirates hard. It crashed like never before in its real estate sector. The company was hit hard. Almost all of the companies have announced major layoffs and no hiring plans for a long time. Many foreigners who work here have left for good. The construction industry, which has been a powerful engine of growth for Dubai, has slowed down sharply. However, all of this has done more good than harm. All of the dead weeds in the economy have been removed. The economy is back on track and is also starting to grow. But it is now more effective than ever. Excellent job opportunities in Dubai are arriving, but strictly only for the deserving candidate. Dubai now wants the best of the best. Their strategy is to attract high-quality talent with the best salaries and benefits.

Below are some of the areas where HOT job opportunities exist in Dubai:

Accounting/banking / finance
Advertising, DM, PR, MR and event management
Architecture / engineering
Artistic conception
Business Development
Call centre, BPO, customer service
Distribution and delivery/mail
Education and teaching
Entertainment / media / journalism
Human Resources / Recruitment / Admin
Hospitality / restaurants
Information Technology / Telecom
Medical / Health
Petroleum gas
Production / production / R&D
Purchasing / logistics / supply chain
Real estate
Nanny / Maid