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Jobs in Bahrain – A Favorable Country to Work


Education for expatriates

Expatriates who move in with their families should be informed about education in Bahrain. Since expatriates are not allowed in public schools in Bahrain, they must send their children to private or international schools. International schools offer respective programs, but they are a bit expensive since they can cost around 7000 BHD per year and additional costs for textbooks, uniforms, extracurriculars and more.

Cultural environment

Bahrain is an Islamic nation, but it shows tolerance towards other religions and ethnic groups. Western clothing is acceptable, however, revealing clothing, and showing affection in public is not tolerated. Bahrain is currently ranked # 1 in the Middle East in terms of standard of living.

Entertainment and nightlife

Bahrain has live entertainment and nightlife centres. One can enjoy the latest international films in multiplex cinemas, museums, historic sites and exciting art galleries. Places such as Bahrain Bay, City Center Mall and Al Areen in Manama are lively places for leisure and entertainment events. Bahrain offers many options for outdoor activities such as cruising, various water sports, swimming, diving and jet skiing, etc.

Visa and work permit

You cannot work in the country if you do not have a valid work visa. However, you can only get a work visa if you have a job offer. The company offering employment can organize work permits for their ex-pat employees before their arrival in the country. Expatriates must also provide other documents, such as a valid passport, an additional photo ID and a recent health certificate.

Sources for finding a job

One can apply for jobs in Bahrain via company websites or newspaper or golf course portals. Most expatriates work through a headhunter or a recruitment agency.