Jobs in UAE

Jobs in Bahrain – A Favorable Country to Work


Jobs in Bahrain can be found in a variety of sectors for both skilled and semi-skilled people, as the nation is more progressive today than ever. The sympathetic state of Bahrain or simply Bahrain is located in the Persian Gulf and is surrounded by Saudi Arabia and Qatar. With more than 160 kilometres of coastline, Bahrain has rich resources such as oil, fish stocks and pearls. It has the freest economy among the countries of the Middle East and a large business centre.

Economic position

Expatriates choose Bahrain because the country offers a luxurious lifestyle and high wages and incentives. The working conditions are excellent and also provide better infrastructure. Each employer is willing to pay higher wages, provided that the future employee is competent, qualified and qualified.

Kinds of jobs in Bahrain

The most promising sectors that provide jobs in Bahrain for expatriates are the industries based on the oil procession and the oil refining, production and export of aluminium. Construction, ship repair, finance, banking and tourism, the telecommunications industry also attracts job managers from all over the world.

Salary and benefits

Regarding salaries, they can be low or high depending on the position, company, location, nationality, experience and qualifications of the expatriate. For example, a senior executive earned monthly salaries in 2012 such as $ 10,714 (sales / marketing), $ 10,344.8 (banking), $ 9,938 (construction), $ 9,202 (information technology) ), $ 9,427 (human resources), $ 8,576 (advertising). Unlike in the past, today most of the benefits such as the car, housing costs, etc. are not granted.

Working hours and weekends

Working hours in Bahrain start around 8:30 or 9:00 a.m. and end around 5:30 or 6:00 p.m. However, most government organizations operate from 7:30 p.m. to 2:00 p.m. According to company policy, weekly hours can be between 40 and 48 hours. During the month of Ramadan, the working day is reduced to six hours. However, many companies only apply this rule to Muslims. Bahrain usually follows a weekend with Thursday and Friday, but international companies opt for Friday and Saturday.

Cost of living in Bahrain

If you are planning to move to Bahrain to take up a job, it is best to have information on the cost of living there. While accommodation for an expatriate is expensive, they can get decent accommodation for any budget, such as a fully furnished two-bedroom apartment in the city that can be rented at 700 BHD, which includes utilities and taxes. When it comes to transportation, renting a new SUV can cost you around 400 BHD per month, but if you opt for an old, used model, the cost is very low. If you take a taxi from the city centre to the airport, it will cost you 4 BHD.