For ex-pats who want to start a new life abroad, working in Guyana might be a good choice. This tropical paradise on the Caribbean coast of South America offers many possibilities for paid employment. Learn more about the economy and work permits and more in this guide.

Jobs in Guyana

With the ever-growing tourism industry and the continuing need for education, medical professionals, and diplomats, job opportunities in Guyana have become particularly profitable. The country has an excellent social security system that benefits various disadvantaged groups in society. Thanks to the lower cost of living, Guyanese ex-pats can benefit from high quality of life thanks to the wages they receive from their work.

Work permit for Guyana

Anyone wishing to move to Guyana to work must provide the name and address of his sponsor or employer to the Ministry of Interior in Guyana. The workplace shall be a registered and registered company. After the ministry confirms that the company is legitimate and that the job is guaranteed, a work permit is organized and issued upon arrival. The Guyanese work permit is valid for three years, after which it can be renewed.

Find work in Guyana

Finding a job in Guyana can be relatively easy with online job boards and national newspapers. Articles like Stabroek News and Guyana Chronicle are distributed across the country and both contain great job categories, with vacancies in a variety of industries.

Skilled workers are always needed because of the shortage of skilled people, which is why ex-pats have opportunities there. In addition, there are a large number of websites that advertise Ghanaian jobs in a selection of industries, from education and engineering to nursing and journalism. Some of Guyana’s best job search sites are and Expatriates still need the work of NGOs. It is a great way to get to know Guyana’s people and culture and make a real difference.