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Immigration to Canada – Explore the four main ways to easily immigrate


There are four main ways to apply for Canadian immigration, three are permanent residents, and the other is temporary. If you want to immigrate to Canada, you should consider which of the following courses you are in, which will help you apply:

Skilled workers (also called Points System)

This is the most popular course. To qualify for this course, you must have at least one year of continuous full-time experience in a qualified NOC (National Occupational Classification) occupation.

As an applicant, you will get scores related to your age, education, work experience, and English and/or French ability. You can also earn more points for “adaptability” factors, such as:

Your partner’s qualifications

If you or your partner have studied in Canada for at least 2 years

If you have a family in Canada as a father, grandfather, aunt, uncle, sister, brother, niece, nephew, son or grandson

If you are currently working in Canada or have booked a job, you can also earn points for this.


If you have qualified relatives in Canada who are willing and eligible to sponsor you, there are also family visa options. There are criteria regarding the qualifications of a “sponsor”, for example, the person must be a Canadian citizen or permanent resident. To be classified as a “family”, the person must be spouse, partner or spouse; dependent children, parents or grandparents; orphan brother, sister, maternal daughter, nephew or grandson (under 19).


This option is divided into three parts: self-employed, entrepreneur and investor.
The self-employed immigrant class to Canada is limited to farmers and applicants who have cultural, artistic or sports value to Canada.

To obtain entrepreneurial Canadian immigration, you must have “business experience” in a “qualified business” within a specified period. According to current regulations, the applicant must also have a net worth of at least 300,000 Canadian dollars.

Applicants who wish to immigrate to Canada as an investor must have a total net worth of at least 800,000 Canadian dollars and invest 400,000 Canadian dollars (Canada) to the Director-General of Canada within these 5 years.

Temporary visa

Temporary visas come in the form of work permits or student visas.

If a Canadian employer offers you a job that Canadians cannot fill, you may be eligible to apply for a work permit. Employers must comply with the regulations of the Labor Market Assessment Department of the Canadian Ministry of Human Resources before they can apply for a work permit, which will be issued during their employment contract.

If you are not sure which class of Canadian immigration to apply for, the immigration consultant will be able to provide more information about each class and help you with the application process.

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