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Immigrate to the USA and explore How To Get A Work Permit In The US as an immigrants


Who needs a work permit?

Foreigners usually need a permit to work in the United States and be legally employed by a US employer in the United States. However, foreigners who are green card holders or diplomats do not need to obtain a permit. Green card holders (because of their status as legal permanent residents of the United States) are entitled to work in the United States as long as they obtain that status. Although a foreign diplomat works in the United States, he does not need it because he is an employee of his government.

How do you obtain a work permit?

A work permit can be obtained through any of the following methods (formally called an Employment Authorization Document or “EAD”, issued in the form of a laminated card):

-Close relatives
-Visa Lottery Program
-Asylum or refugee status or another similar status.

a. Employer

Employers can sponsor foreigners through employment-based immigrant visa applications (which result in a green card or “permanent” card) or non-immigrant visa applications that allow non-immigrants to work for a limited time. . Examples of non-immigrant visas that allow foreign nationals to work in the United States for a limited period of time include H1-B visa (work must be at a professional level; up to six years) and visa L1 (transfer of foreign workers from affiliated companies located abroad to the United States) Company; up to 7 years).

b. Family member

US citizens or lawful permanent residents can sponsor their close relatives through the so-called family-based immigrant visa application, and if approved, they will receive a green card. If the future immigrant is in the United States, you can apply for a work permit while waiting for the green card to be issued.

C. Investment

Through the E non-immigrant visa, the U.S. treaty allows foreign investors or traders engaged in substantive business or investment to work in the U.S. The E visa is initially valid for two years. Although it can be renewed indefinitely, the E visa is a temporary work permit.

d. Visa Lottery Program

The US State Department implements a visa lottery program, which allocates 50,000 immigrant visas to randomly selected visas each year. Only citizens of countries with low immigration rates to the United States are eligible to participate in this program. As long as they meet the US immigration requirements (no serious criminal convictions, no drug use, etc.), randomly selected people will receive a green card, enabling them to live and work in the US, just like other legal permanent residents.

e. Asylum or refugee and similar status

Those who are granted asylum (asylum) or refugee status can obtain a work permit. Those who have been placed in the repatriation (or deportation) process and have available forms of immigration relief (or defence for repatriation or deportation) can also obtain a work permit while the case is pending.