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Immigrate to the UK and find out about the new immigration rules under the new government


As the new political era unfolds, many UK immigrants and employers may feel uncertain about the future of immigration to the UK. What is known so far, however, is that the main legacy of the previous government, the point government, in particular the Level 1 and Level 2 regimes, will be implemented by the new Conservative-Liberal Alliance with stricter standards that are likely to be introduced in the coming months.

Rules for employers

For UK employers, following the guidelines of sponsors should be a critical factor in staffing regarding the recruitment and retention of staff. Failure to comply with these provisions could result in civil penalties and criminal prosecution for up to two years on charges of knowingly conspiring with illegal immigrants. As a result, employers in the UK will continue to be registered with the UK Border Agency. They will have to demonstrate their ability to fulfill their responsibilities as sponsors such as archiving and reporting and to ensure that their staff is eligible to perform this specific work by the standard: labor legislation and level 2 standards.
The requirements will probably be reviewed as part of a Level 1 program for highly qualified immigrants who will no longer need a sponsor in the coming months, with a focus on raising external wage ratios. Migra & Co has extensive experience in all categories of immigrants, and if you are concerned about your current or future options, please contact us to discuss your requirements for immigrants or requirements.

Skilled  immigrants

The new Minister of Immigration, Damian Green, has yet to make a full statement, but “restrictions” on immigrants have been widely advertised for immigrants outside the European Union as a particular priority for the Conservative Party. Likewise, the amnesty of the Liberal Democrats who defended themselves in their election declaration will not be followed by a government that could already feel pressure to make unpopular national decisions to fight the worsening economic deficit. Immigration, as always, will continue to be a hotly debated political issue in Westminster, as in your cafés, although the benefits offered by immigrants are indisputable by filling vacancies that permanent workers are unable to perform and often providing valuable services to older UK residents. Pay taxes (immigrants cannot access public funds).