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Experience the most Memorable Vacation in Finland and Explore the Attractions in Finland


Finland is one of the best places to enjoy your vacation. Finland is a beautiful country in the north of Europe. The country has a large number of islands and lakes. The entire landscape is enclosed by pines and taiga trees. The language spoken here is Swedish. The natives of Finland are known as Sami.

Major attractions of Finland
Finland is a beautiful place with many sights. Some of the places are given below

1. Saimma Lake

This beautiful lake is located in the southern part of Finland. It is the largest of all lakes in Finland. Saimma is considered to be the freshwater lake that connects about 120 lakes and drains about 55 in the saimma channel.

2. Turku

It is one of the oldest cities in Finland. The city has a wonderful collection of museums and a church. During the Christmas period, the place is decorated with ribbons and bells. The entire environment is filled with music and colors. This is the reason it is called the Christmas town.

3. Arktikum Science Museum

This science museum gives a glimpse into the culture of this amazing place. The museum provides a brief description of the lifestyles and traditions of the Arctic. The museum contains the Museum of Lapland and the Arctic center. This museum is an excellent example of the culture and lifestyle of the people here.

4. The Kings Road

This road is the main route connecting important places of Finland. You may come across several notable sites during your trip.

5. The Aland Islands

These islands are located on the Finnish coast. It is the most attractive place in Finland. These islands are the beautiful creation of nature and are the main attraction of tourists.

Best time to visit
The climate here is very beautiful and one can visit here all year round, but the best time to visit Finland is in the month of May – June.

Hotels in Finland
There are several hotels in Finland that offer cheap accommodation. Some of the are listed as below

1. Hotel Kamp

This is a beautiful hotel with plenty of facilities at low rates. The staff here are friendly and treat you warmly.

2. Spa Hotel

This is one of the best hotels in Finland. It offers excellent food and convenient accommodation.

Full of fun and entertainment, this place is certainly one of the best places to spend your vacation.