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Examine the Progressive, Affluent and Environmentally Friendly of Swedish Nation; Ten Essential things to do when you visit Sweden


The Kingdom of Sweden is located on the Scandinavian peninsula in northern Europe. It is a rich, ecological and progressive nation with a high standard of living. It offers many things to see and do for tourists, both in the cities and in the countryside.

(1) Vasa Museum

In this Stockholm, the museum rests the fruit of remarkable engineering work, the 17th-century warship Vasa. The ship sank during its inaugural voyage in 1628 in the port of Stockholm and was recovered in 1961. The only existing example of the architecture of the ship of the time, the risen skeleton, is exposed with relics recovered with it.

(2) Stockholm

The capital of Sweden is full of museums. Besides the Vasa Museum, one can also visit the Natural History Museum, the Museum of Modern Art and the Nordic Museum. There are also many examples of historic architecture scattered throughout the city, including Riddarholmskyrkan Church, the oldest building in Stockholm, and each district and each district of this high-tech city has its own unique character, developed in over the years.

(3) Liseberg amusement park

With more than 80% of its population living in urban centers, it is not surprising that Swedish cities are well developed to meet the needs of their inhabitants. In Gothenburg, treat yourself to one of the largest amusement parks in Europe. Nearby you will find the Scandinavium, a large space for up to 12,000 people, as well as the Valhalla trade fair and baths.

(4) Gothenburg

This city is the largest port in Scandinavia, the destination of many flights and maritime traffic. Nearly a million citizens live here, and the city has a huge range of attractions to keep a tourist busy. Stroll through picturesque Castle Wood Park, or admire the masters at the Museum of Art, or listen to music from a variety of genres, from the Gothenburg Symphony Orchestra to the death metal band Dark Tranquility.

(5) Hiking

The largely untouched expanse of the northern regions of Sweden gives birth to a wild beauty that makes it the perfect place for many outdoor activities such as hiking. Swedish law grants everyone the right of public access provided that they respect both others and nature. Cycling is also a popular pastime here.

(6) Boating

As the country has more than 24,000 islands, 100,000 lakes and rivers, and a long coastline, boating and sailing are an integral part of daily Swedish life. Many tours can be found to take you to visit the Swedish archipelago. The Gota Canal is of particular interest to tourists, but there are many other places that are also of interest to watercraft travelers, and boat rentals are easy to obtain, and they can come with or without a skipper.

(7) Linkoping Cathedral

Stop at this masterpiece from Ostergotland to soak up the history and admire a superb example of Gothic architecture. The cathedral is the burial place of a 15th-century bishop and is also decorated with priceless paintings donated by King John III. Visitors can also see rare manuscripts at the diocesan library and pass by the nearby Episcopal Palace.

(8) Ski

Sweden offers some of the best places for ski enthusiasts, especially in the mountainous north. In Lapland, you can find the Hemavan. It is a great ski destination for those looking for large areas and mountainous locations.

(9) Arefjallen Resort

The resort of Refrefall has over a hundred kilometers of ski slopes. It is considered to be the largest alpine ski race in the world. This ski race is held there every April.

(10) Riksgransen

Riksgransen is in the far north of the country. It is known for its snowboarding and skiing championships 24/7 in the spring. In spring, it seems that the sun does not pass below the horizon, really a sight to see!