As in other states, Georgia has job agencies that help match workers with companies that have vacancies to fill. These job placement agencies are classified according to job placement services such as temporary agency workers, student work, managerial recruitment, and talent agencies. These employment offices in Georgia facilitate the hiring of executives through a third party. This can be done through a recruiter or a recruitment agency that maintains contact between the client company and job seekers.

They also serve as experts when it comes to customer relationships such as in sales or business development, or usually when it comes to screening and recruiting candidates, or human sourcing, as it is also known. In some cases, executive recruiters can also serve as an expert in terms of clients and as a recruiter.

On the other hand, employment agencies or job placement agencies in Georgia, as the name suggests, help large companies fill jobs for temporary jobs. Usually, there is quite a bit of overlap in the workforce that the commendable temporary workers are eventually hired by the company as regular workers. These employment agencies typically assist applicants in filling vacancies for health, accounting, cleaning and maintenance, secretarial, light industrial, and technical jobs. These employment agencies in Georgia are usually mentioned in the local directories (under the categories “employment” or “temporary agency work”) and they have also provided lists or websites on the Internet. However, only personal applications are accepted at these bodies.

Meanwhile, the student employment agency in Georgia can be found at the state’s prominent academics, such as those of universities. These agencies offer temporary work, but also take into account the education and timetables of the students.

Talent agencies specialize in finding projects or work for actors, musicians, models, and other types of artists, especially in the field of entertainment. Many talent agencies can be found in the country and most of them, not to mention the talent agencies that can be found in Georgia are managed by artists’ unions and legal jurisdiction, as proposed by the state’s ruling rules.

Unlike other agencies, Georgia’s employment offices are regulated by GAPS or the Georgia Association of Personnel Services. GAPS is a not-for-profit industry association composed of personnel services for personnel throughout the state of Georgia that primarily serves the needs of those institutions and other business entities for their labor or manpower needs. As of 2005, there were more than 150 companies and affiliates accredited with GAPS certification. These accredited companies enjoy many privileges such as extended networking.

While GAPS meets the needs of the employer, it also serves to protect and defend workers’ rights. GAPS ‘Education Institute offers industry-related seminars, employee skills training, and training seminars for different levels of consultants, they may be very experienced or not.

In 2006, these agencies in Georgia had reached a total of 1,500. Due to increasing needs, the workforce is slowly paving the way for more agencies to emerge. Some have even evolved into skills learning centers, while others have turned their attention to employing health professionals, such as hospital workers, even skilled nurses.