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Emigrate to Pakistan and examine how to grow and pursue a career in agriculture as an immigrants


Agriculture and related majors are not only a source of employment but also a complete way of life in countries such as Pakistan. The career prospects in this field in Pakistan are very bright. After completing a degree program in this field, you can easily find an agricultural job. Pakistan is basically a big agricultural country and needs a lot of experts. Employment is usually provided in villages where the government has established research institutions. Therefore, job opportunities in this field are usually provided by government organizations.

Future job prospects

No one can deny the importance of agriculture and its related fields. More than 80% of Pakistan’s population is directly or indirectly related to this field. Many industries that rely on raw materials have been established. These industries urgently need well-trained agricultural scientists. No scientist has to wait more than 6 months to find a job because there are plenty of opportunities for government and private organizations. A sister organization of the United Nations, the FAO, is researching the prosperity of agriculture. The organization’s regional offices provide vacancies for Pakistani agricultural scientists from time to time. Government-organized 17-level positions will be offered to holders of agricultural degrees in the field (Hons) Bachelor of Science. Those with a bachelor’s degree have the opportunity to work in the following organizations:

WAPDA, Pakistan Seed Company, Water Management Project, Agricultural Development Bank, Agricultural Research Council, PCSIR, Central Cotton Committee, Military Food Laboratory, CDA, Malaria Prevention Program, Rural Development Program, Industrial Joint Agriculture, Livestock Growth Center, Dairy Farm Personal business, agricultural development company, livestock feed, feed manufacturing industry.

Degree programmes

Bachelor of Science
Master of Science
Eligibility/Entry Standards

Intermediate Science or B.Sc Program (Pre-medical)

Pakistan Agricultural University

The following institutions offer various degree courses and training programs in agriculture and related sectors:

Sindh Agricultural University, TendoJam
N.W.F.P University, Peshawar
Rawalpindi Barani Agricultural University
Gomel University (Derle Ismail Khan)
AJK Laura Kote University Agricultural University
Lahore College of Veterinary Sciences
Peshawar Forest Research Institute

People who choose agricultural careers solely for work reasons are unsuccessful. For young people who choose this field as a way of life, agriculture and related industries are suitable career choices. This profession is usually chosen by young people from rural areas in Pakistan. In urban areas, students choose other career options, such as computer science, engineering, or medicine.