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Discover the Essential Top 10 Countries for Academic Jobs


University jobs seem to be a bonus. In some countries, people greatly desire these jobs for their benefit. No need to explain life in the Ivory Tower. We understood. However, in more traditional university strongholds, such as America and the United Kingdom, governments are eliminating permanence and reducing these same benefits. Well, despite the benefits and reductions, it seems that these same countries are struggling to fill these sought after university positions. It is therefore to your advantage to have an overview of the best countries for university jobs. Because you may never know where your services may be needed, at the right price, in the right position and, best of all, in the location:

1. The United States

Unsurprisingly, the United States leads the world in university jobs. With the largest number of universities and colleges, the United States employs academics from around the world. Despite this, some regions of the country are struggling to hire more teachers, especially in primary and secondary education.

2. India

Ranked second in terms of population, India also hosts the second most academic job. There are great academic freedoms here, and their massive rise in the middle class is the likely cause of their current ranking.

3. China

A large number of Chinese citizens places them in 3rd place for most university jobs. We have often seen that there were more Chinese students for the role of honor than American students. However, there are still many in China who cannot send their children to school or go to school themselves. In addition, for most Westerners, China maintains strict government regulations on its education system.

4. UK

The UK also boasts many leading universities and a highly educated population. Just like in the United States, having these two factors is a good way to rank high on this list.

5. Japan

In Japan, the focus is on family participation in education. The government of this country also devotes a significant part of the GDP to education. Being one of the most developed countries in the world, Japan has a huge amount of university jobs, especially in the fields of technology and engineering.

6. Germany

Back in Europe, Germany makes number 6 in terms of university jobs available. Like other European countries, this highly developed state places a strong emphasis on spending on education at all levels.

7. France

France is in seventh place, just behind Germany. Education is paramount in most European countries, and France is no exception.

8. South Korea

Unlike its neighbors to the north, South Korea has embraced globalization and has become a major player on the world stage. With a vision of education similar to that of Japan, South Korea has a large number of university jobs, especially in the field of teaching English as a second language (ESL) because of its appetite worldwide.

9. Russia

The sleeping giant in education in Russia. They still provide many university jobs despite the fact that many people do not take note of them. If you like the weather and the cold of your vodka, Russia may be the place for you, because Mr. Putin and his company are preparing the Russian economy.

10. Sweden

A surprise for the list, Sweden has many university jobs. With one of the largest socialist governments compared to many others, Sweden spends a lot of money on education and provides many jobs. Despite the high tax rates, one of the many benefits for Sweden is the package of inclusive benefits that Sweden offers to its workers and citizens.

I am sure that many other countries should be on this list. A Top 10 based on the total amount of jobs available, overall public spending and socio-economic influences is far from complete. However, if you are looking to make the global change, this list will give you at least one start in progress. Admittedly, I did not take into account the difficulties of obtaining work visas. For those in the EU or the Commonwealth, this may be easier than for others, however, the way I always see it, if a school needs you, it will fill out the documents required for your work authorization.