A 2007 survey confirms what many people have known for a very long time: Bournemouth is an extremely happy place. The survey found that more than three-quarters of residents would be satisfied with their lives – a large margin, by anyone’s standards. Given that people have flocked here for over a century to enjoy the pleasant weather, healing waters, and clean, crisp air, it is not surprising to learn from such joyful locals. The popularity of Bournemouth hotels is a testament to the continued popularity of this seaside resort to this day – and should be enough to convince practically anyone to come on vacation.

A story of health and happiness

Bournemouth began to enjoy a reputation as a spa town in the mid-19th century. It’s the very first spa hotel was founded in 1885 – the first of what would be many hotels in Bournemouth. Like many hotels in early Bournemouth, the original hotel – the Mont Dore Hotel – offered a special blend of healing waters that were concocted with seawater mixed with water from Bourne Creek. It is on these types of waters that Bournemouth began to build its reputation. Thus, the city has placed a lot of importance on the happiness of foreigners, which must be partly the reason why the residents are so happy themselves.

A breath of fresh air

Besides its thermal waters, Bournemouth has also long been touted for having an impeccably clean, crisp, and pure air. To this day, people flock to Bournemouth hotels to get away from the smog-filled cities and breathe a rejuvenating and unsullied air. The smell of pines lingers in the air here, perfuming the atmosphere in a very pleasant way. Rather than breathing the smell of exhaust fumes – like many of us – the citizens of Bournemouth are used to inhaling the scent that abounds. It’s enough to put a permanent smile on anyone’s face!

A fun and vibrant nightlife completes the picture

Besides enjoying a magnificent beach, fresh air, and a friendly and welcoming attitude, the inhabitants of Bournemouth can also participate in a truly exciting and entertaining nightlife. Many modern hotels in Bournemouth owe much of their continued popularity to the presence of the city’s many successful clubs, bars, and restaurants. Add a good dose of great shopping opportunities and you have a recipe for top-notch entertainment. By day, the people of Bournemouth take advantage of Mother Nature at its best; at night they enjoy good food, drinks, and music among their closest friends – their happiness is completely natural and understandable!