Jobs in Canada

Canada is considered a job seeker’s paradise: Growing Job Opportunities in Canada


Canada is considered a jobseeker’s paradise and every industry in this region are thriving. There are applicants from all over the world looking for jobs and potential employers in Canada. The reason behind this is the booming economy and the developed status of the country.

Job opportunities in Canada have steadily multiplied after the recession. More and more investors and companies have opened the lock gates in Canada, both in the industrial and in the service sector. The services sector alone contributes to 75% of Canada’s annual GDP. Therefore, one can find jobs in different areas in this region.

The opportunities available in this region are available to both Business Class (employers) and employees (job seekers):

For employers

Canada’s developed economy draws businessmen and investors from all over the world. There are various sectors such as catering (restaurants, hotels, etc.), legal services, medical sciences, real estate, media, etc. where many ongoing investments are made.

Investors look to cities like Toronto, the obvious Vancouver, Montreal, Victoria, and Ottawa for their urban settlement and popularity among job seekers. A large population of immigrants is also located in these regions of Canada.

Among the provinces in Canada, British Columbia followed closely by Quebec; are among the most economically influential provinces in Canada. They are at the heart of urbanization and are at the helm of the country’s trade and commerce.

For employees

Employees in Canada can choose from different industries. Usually, there is a large influx in sectors such as news media, hospitality, information technology, transport, legal services, medical sciences, complementary and alternative medicines, real estate, consultancy, etc. There are applicants from different countries of the world looking for a potential employer in their field.

There are several sectors currently applying for vacancies for different vacancies. Some of these sectors include financial services, retail, education, real estate, high-tech, information technology, entertainment, health, and tourism, etc.