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Australia’s economy is booming now – Check out how successful migrate to Australia


The Australian economy is currently booming. Driven by its booming mining and resource industry, Land Down Under has become a haven for job seekers with the skills and qualifications needed in Australia.

With multibillion Australian dollars worth of projects to complete, and with billions more in the pipeline, Australia now suffers from a skills shortage that threatens the completion of these projects.

Short and long term outlook

Australia’s growing skills shortage is currently putting the country’s industries in the crosshairs, leading Australian employers to look abroad for employment.

With Australia’s mining state alone poised to create an additional 170,000 jobs over the next five years, the mining and resources sector is poised to create 90,000 industry jobs by 2016, and the Demand for temporary construction workers peaks at 80,000 in 2014, Australia’s booming mining and resource sector set to generate jobs and short-term economic prosperity. However, it has become doubtful whether today’s Australian workforce can cope with the enormous scale of skills required to make record investments in mines and resources totaling billions.

As an additional 33,000 workers will be needed in the coming years in Western Australia’s resource sector, and most positions will be skilled professionals, engineers, and metallurgists, information technology, and geology, Western Australia alone is expected to need nearly 500,000 more. Workers by 2020. The state of Australia’s log-length labor market is likely to continue to drive recruitment, locally and abroad.

An urgent call to action

Australia’s Mining States Chamber of Minerals and Energy, along with its businessmen, called on the government to take urgent action to address this skills shortage. They even warned that unless immediate action is taken to address the current skills shortage, the nation will lose all the benefits of the resource boom.

Today, the Australian Federal Government has taken the necessary steps to address these employment issues. Recently, guidelines were announced for corporate migration agreements that will make it easier for companies with resource projects valued at over $ 2 billion and with more than 1,500 employees to find temporary foreign workers more efficiently.

Besides, the Australian government has also reclassified certain territories and regions to include them as regional hardship areas under its Regional Sponsored Migration Program (RSMS). This is done in an attempt to compensate for the acute skills shortage caused by the booming mining boom in Western Australia.

Australian employer

The RSMS will provide another, more accessible way for Australian employers to hire the skilled workers they need from overseas, as they will have the opportunity to compete for some of the 16,000 Australian skilled work visas offered each year under the program. It will also provide a qualified temporary work visa to Australian holders with a more streamlined route to permanent migration.

The Australian government is in the process of making the necessary reforms and updates to its Australian worker visa requirements, as well as its Australian migration visa policies and processing. This is done to address better the current employment problem facing the nation.

Australia: a perfect chance for luck

With these current work and immigration situations, now is the perfect opportunity to take advantage and benefit from professional and financial success.

With plenty of job opportunities coupled with great and high pay offers, now is a great time to apply for an Australian visa and work in Australia.