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America, the largest economy in the world: discover how to make the dream of immigrating to America come true.


America used to be a place where everyone in the world came in search of wealth and fame. Where do you have a site that makes people famous just for being themselves, where celebrities are revered and receive incredible amounts of money, where excess is seen as accepted and people who usually don’t finish their plate of food? It is a place where everyone knows that even the poorest can, through luck and perseverance, rise and acquire wealth that they would not even dream of.

Lately, since 2008, the world economy has collapsed, and people are less wealthy than before. It included America and the ability to pursue that overrated American dream for everyone. Does this mean that people have stopped migrating to the United States? Does that mean there is no longer any reason to try to be successful in America? While Mexican immigration has declined since 2008 due to a lack of low-skilled jobs, such as construction and agriculture, in reality, more skilled migration, such as tech workers, artists, and scientists, continues to sink in the United States by the thousands. The quota of H-1b skilled migrant workers has just increased to 155,000 per year, compared to 65,000 under the SKILLS Visa Act.

The United States remains the world’s largest economy.

The United States remains the world’s largest economy. It’s so far in the game that even if the United States were to stop producing for a few years, the second-largest economy, China, will still not catch up with the American economy. The US economy is more than double the Chinese economy. Remember, GDP is measured in the trillions. It will probably take a few years to get a $ 1 trillion increase, let alone $ 7, which is currently ahead of China. You have to combine the entire economy of China, Japan, and Germany (the next three largest economies after the United States) to match that of the United States.

US economy

A small portion of the US economy means more than any other country with the same percentage. That is why; all new ideas and new inventions go to America because America is the biggest market in the world with enormous potential. And this is the reason; people continue to migrate to the United States. The dream continues, but more challenging to achieve than before due to the competition. But it is not impossible.

Wealth can only be appreciated if its environment is stable. The United States also offers this. It is geographically isolated from the rest of the world and can benefit from isolation from political and ethnic unrest. The United States allows its citizens to sit from a remote location and discuss issues without having to be surrounded by them. America also offers people from all walks of life to be successful and prosperous in society because it is the country that allows people to pursue their happiness, and it put it in writing when America declared independence.

Problems that plagued America

Keep in mind; the same problems that plagued America in the past still exist. Racism, xenophobia, and ignorance are still part of American society. Lack of education or the value of etiquette and respect for all that is foreign always prevails. New issues are also emerging, such as health, the wealthiest 1%, and overcrowded cities. The US government is trying to resolve them, but it will take time. Have faith that it is still the best country on the planet, and while it is there, all Americans will ensure that it remains the best country on the earth.